Competing in China’s e-commerce market requires a startup mentality

Xin Wang of Brandeis University International Business School and Z. Justin Ren of Boston University School of Management wrote an interesting article about How to Compete in China’s E-Commerce Market for MIT Sloan Management Review. They analyze why … [Continue reading]

Using extraordinary service as a competitive advantage at Hai Di Lao

An example of hot pot

Creating a sustainable advantage in any industry in China is difficult, especially when competitors promptly copy anything that works. Hai Di Lao, a hot pot chain, uses extraordinary service to draw large crowds to its many locations and offers … [Continue reading]

Amazon in China — an example of localization

Amazon’s entry into China is a lesson in understanding the local market and catering to its needs. The most obvious difference is Amazon delivering goods themselves, or at least making it seem like they are. Not only do they understand the local … [Continue reading]

An effective project kickoff meeting in 4 steps

Man Watering a Plant

Have you ever left a project kickoff meeting not knowing why this team was brought together or what the project is about? Were you the one leading it? If you’re an entrepreneur, or are leading an important project within your company, you have an … [Continue reading]

3 ways to get your team to own the project

Picture of business meeting

If you’re an entrepreneur or are leading a significant project within your organization, it’s vital to develop a sense of ownership among your team members. This is difficult to do on any project, but is especially hard when you have a multinational … [Continue reading]